I am the Design Director at OpenSourcery. I ride bikes, build websites, rear children. I am @axoplasm everywhere.

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Our next-door neighbor Langton was found dead in his home this week. He was a ...

Recent-ish professional work

Stagecoach Digital

November, 2013

Simple-yet-beautiful homepage for a web creative/fundraising agency. Longscrolling parallax awesomeness, so popular with the kids these days!

Mercy Corps

April, 2013

Mobile-first, responsive design; Drupal 7 migration. A “responsively designed nonprofit website to study and learn from.” — Nonprofit Tech 2.0

Mercy Corps Gifts

November, 2012

E-commerce design for a signature symbolic giving program.

See a few pre-2012 works in my janky old portfolio. Usual caveat about cobbler’s children applies.

  1. See Chapter 32: Cetology

  2. I used to ride over it every day (sometimes twice). But now I take my son to kindergarten which is its own unnecessarily extreme bike adventure.