Web-log entries from 2005


The Champ

1990 Honda Civic, Runs, Sort of - $250 (SW Portland) Reply to: anon-xxxxxxxxx@craigslist.orgDate: 2005-07-24, 6:47PM PDT This is a Champagne (transl: “Gold”) 1990 Honda Civic... more


The Utopian Creativity Machine™

I remember an episode of Star Trek where the crew were visiting the Bi-Weekly Ironic Techno-Utopian Planet™. In an offhand way, one of the Techno-Utopians... more


Information Anthropology

I call myself an “Information Anthropologist” because I can’t think of any other way to describe what I do. My business hovers over the intersection... more


Snapshot: Spring, 1994

This photo tells me everything about being 22 years old, one year out of college, flat broke, living in an alley apartment with my friend... more


Ten Human Universals

As I Learned Them from Seven Years of Anthropology Classes Who you consider a “family member” is closely correlated with the list of individuals in... more