Last Post of the Decade


I don't know anyone who says anything other than “good riddance” to the first decade of the 21st century. I know lots of people who hope it was the anomaly, that the rest of the century will get better. I 


Time isn’t Holding Us

If a really strange kidnapper ever asked me at gunpoint to name my favorite song, I think I’d say “Once in a Lifetime”Everyone knows this song as an anthem of midlife crisis. (“This is not my beautiful house.”) A few 


Most People Don’t Know How To Drive

By which I mean: they don't understand basic principles of operating a motor vehicle.This has been a painful realization for me. For most of my life, most bad drivers were people who either knew the law but chose to drive 


A Young Friend is Graduating High School This Week


Which occasioned me to reflect that this year is my twenty year high school reunion. The year I graduated from college: The big summer movies were Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, the first Batman movie (with Michael Keaton), and 


The shocking thing about the non-profit biz

The shocking thing about the non-profit biz is that we have to fight the same battles as for-profit businesses, but with both hands tied behind the back. Imagine trying to run a business where you can’t compete with the competition 


Mercy Corps’ Four-Quarter Full-Court Marketing Press

Crossposted from the new Mercy Corps Blog. In a recent New Yorker article, Malcolm Gladwell wonders why more basketball teams don’t employ a full-court press. Instead of dropping back to your own net and defending, you press the other guys 


No Fooling


We just launched the redesign of MercyCorps.org. Like half an hour ago. I've been itching for this change since I started ... 18 months. The project has been in the works since last summer. We've had to shelve the redesign 


“I cannot be a liberal:” An open letter to Andrew Sullivan

“I do not have liberalism’s confidence in government activism, I do not share its collectivist instincts, I find its interest groups unappealing.” — Andrew Sullivan, “Clinging To The Wreckage” Neither do I, or most of my “liberal” friends. It is 


The Most Insulting Preference Pane in the World

... because the hardest part of using MySQL is turning it on? Seriously, the only GUI they cared to provide for a production grade database was a single button. This is like making cars easier to drive by writing “put 


New Year 2009 at Washington Square Mall


For the New Year, Jenny, Orion and I took a trip to Washington Square Mall. This marks the first time I’d been to an indoor-style mall since, I dunno, months? Years perhaps? The last time I can definitely remember visiting