Web-log entries from 2011


I secretly love having a fever...

...lying in bed shivering and insensible, fingers white and numb, beyond discomfort or pain, chasing psychedelic butterflies along the edge of consciousness. But then it... more


Fifteen years ago today

I miss that Real Grownups (like Johnny Carson!) took seriously a gentle man in a turtleneck who spoke about “star stuff.”I miss that science was... more


There’s a “war on Christmas” in the same sense that Tyler Durden and Jack the Narrator had a “fistfight”

Consider: every time a non-Christian is exhorted to have a “Merry Christmas,” the holiday itself becomes less about Christ and more about something else. Presents... more


A short rant: let’s downsize roads

The ongoing fracas about the ongoing budget stupidity of the Columbia River Crossing prompted me to write an awesome little rant. As a comment on... more


Fast and faster

Dave Moulton wants a bumper sticker: “I’m retired: Just go around me.” The whole thing is worth a read, it totally gets at the zen... more


Clearance (Race Report: Kruger’s Crossing, 11/20/2011)

Once upon a time I made fun of people who spent their hard-earned money on boutique canti brakes with excessively wide “clearance.” The physics of... more


Beat that climb back

sufferfaces:Beat that Climb Back Just across the border from Washington, in Portland, at PIR, the Suffer Faces are on full display like this one full... more


Unintended Consequences

As I mentally drafted a typical (read: long) report for yesterday’s race, I realized that I was actually meditating on the unintended consequences of my... more


My Three-Year-Old Races Cyclocross (Race Report: Cross Crusade #8 PIR Pro Paddock)

Perfect ’cross weather (spitting rain and cool, not cold), wheel-devouring mud, moderately technical, long sprints, great crowd, great venue, staged last, finished 55th of 191:... more



Race Report: Cross Crusade #7 (Barton Park)We’re finally getting some mud in our ’cross races. Barton was my favorite race last year. There were no... more


I will brag about this race all week (Race Report: Pedalers at the Poor Farm, McMenamin’s Edgefield, 11/4/2011)

I was dubious about this race. A new venue, an unfamiliar promoter, same day as the Apple Core, poorly promoted. It seemed kinda ... slapped... more


Not fun (Race Report: Cross Crusade #5 & #6, Old Mill District, Bend)

Fourth consecutive week of dry racing. The fun quotient is evaporating rapidly. I wish I could say the Halloweeniness this week compensated but nah, not... more


Oregon Field Guide — Cyclocross

View this on OPB.org: the CCX segment starts around 19:00. Filmed last year at Barton near Estacada. You can catch a glimpse of Orion and... more



So while I’m backing up my personal photos on a new computer, iPhoto is replaying my life in reverse chronological order, and all the good... more


Jake the Snake

Just heard back from Kona on the 2004 frame that snapped clean through at Rainier. Warranty expired in 2008. I can buy a "crash replacement"... more


Scary fast, brutal and unforgiving (Race Report: Cross Crusade #4, Washington Co. Fairgrounds, 10/23/2011)

This course should be a Dogawful slopfest, pancake flat and routed through stables and manure. It should be all about who can power through the... more


I feel stupid, and contagious

So right now I’m listening to the excessive 4-disc reissue of NevermindNevermind is very much Of My Generation — I was just barely 20 when... more


Fast and annoying (Race Report: Cross Crusade #3, PIR Heron Lakes)

I worked insanely hard for 81st place. My hips are wrenched from all the dis/remounts. I could barely walk yesterday afternoon, let alone carry the... more


Your first cyclocross race

My friend Thom posted a longish and helpful blog post called Cyclocross for Beginners. BikePortland contributor Tori Bortman has written several primers about cyclocross. I’m... more


Race Report: Blind Date at the Dairy #3, 10/12/2011

I had a pretty fantastic race. The conditions were nearly perfect for my strengths: chaos and ceaseless pedaling. The week’s rain had squished the dairy... more


DFL Before DNF (Race Report: Cross Crusade #2, Rainier High School)

So about two minutes into the first lap my seat stay broke. Of course I didn’t bring a pit bike. (FFR: always bring a pit... more


The only thing I’m going to say about Steve Jobs

I’m a loooong time Apple fanboy — I have never owned another kind of computer, since my first Mac LC in 1991, and the first... more


So on Saturday night on Lopez Island...

...after putting the kids to bed I sat on the porch in my shorts under a wool blanket with a beer and watched the sun... more


Race Report: Battle at Barlow

Chris and I switched (downgraded?) to Master’s C. The Good: we are now racing against Guys Like Us (i.e. old men). The Bad: I don’t... more


This bike is a platform (thoughts for the Oregon Manifest)

In 2007, I bought this Soma Double Cross — notionally a cyclocross racing bike — for commuting. I fitted it with racks, full fenders, 32c... more


Race Report: Hood River Valley HS Double Cross (GPMC #2), Saturday only, 9/17/2011

At Hood River on Saturday it was spitting rain but not enough to wet the ground. So the conditions were dusty and gritty. I’m beginning... more


Dreaming of Cowbells

Dreaming of cowbells. Literally: I had a dream last night with cowbells in it. Man oh man.  more


Another post where I brag about my commute

Jenny and I have lived in SW Portland for eight-plus years now because of the exceptional commute. We certainly chose our first house for this... more


Race Report: David Douglas Cyclocross (GPMC #1) 9/3/2011

The race was a minor sideshow to my fortieth fricking birthday. Last night Jenny and Karl and my bestest friends completely surprised me. On my... more


Kruger’s Kermesse Race Report 8/28/2011

Let’s just get this out of the way: I hate excuses. I have no shortage of excuses for my performance yesterday, and I thought of... more


Golf to work

So think of a passtime other than cooking, reading or watching TV that you like so much you do it voluntarily in your free time.... more


Love Love Love

Yesterday I worked late and missed Orion’s bedtime. Jenny promised him I would spend some alone time with him this morning before work. I resented... more


PIR Short Track MTB Race Report 8/2/2011

Let’s get these three important data points out of the way:I finished 35 of 90 (!) despite staging in the back third I staged right... more


PIR Short Track MTB Race Report 7/25/2011

Yikes! I forgot Monday’s ride report! Here’s a quickie: To a certain degree, you could copy and paste my last STMTB report and that would... more


PIR Short Track MTB Race Report 6/13/2011

Reporting on my first ever Short Track MTB race challenges me a little.About five minutes after the race I tweeted: #STXC race report: I almost... more


PIR Race Report 6/6/2011

A rather different week than previous outings. My family picked me up at the office early (before 5:00) so Orion could ride in the Kiddie... more


PIR Race Report 5/9/2011

I started last night’s race in a highly unorthodox fashion. Without a watch, I had no idea when the start was coming and it snuck... more


PIR Ride Report 5/2/2011

The ride from my office (Old Town) to PIR (7mi) was a good warmup.The weather behaved itself. No rain, maybe 55°. We had mostly sun... more


The hazards of pinning your two-year-old race number to your messenger bag

So yesterday I was homebound riding south up SW Broadway. Just before the complex intersection where Broadway crosses I-405 another cyclist passed me. There was... more


Four variables

My life is a rather simple zero-sum equation with four variables.I play with my family. I work. I ride or fix my bicycles. I sleep... more


Like P.J. O’Rourke I too wish bicyclists would “pay their way”

Sigh.The late, great P.J. O’Rourke took on bike lanes (after a 24-year hiatus), thus affirming his continuing slide into Andy Rooney-grade irrelevance.Seriously, it’s not even... more


The one hour DC Tour

I’ve visited the capital cities of at least nine foreign countries but it took me 40 years to visit my own. I feared that between... more


Driver’s tests should indicate an ability to drive

About a month ago, a woman driving through my neighborhood turned to check on her dog in the backseat of her car, and hit a... more


I wish I’d have learned more about work from my paper route

Tom Vanderbilt writes, in “The Rise and Fall of the American Paperboy” Ask a former paperboy about the job and you’re likely to summon a... more


Grocery Ads Still Live in the 1950s

The hed on this Ad Age post is Survey Finds 51% of Men Are Primary Grocery Shoppers, but Few Believe Advertising Speaks to Them Can... more