Web-log entries from 2019


My first photo that looks like this

In the past seven years I’ve take a lot of photos that look like this one ↑ which I took on March 3, 2006, six... more


My Summer of ’69

Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” was playing at the coffee shop this morning. In my memory that song feels like “Summer of ’85,” which was... more


In support of HB 2001

In 10min I wrote some testimony in favor of Oregon house bill 2001. Portland for Everyone has a quick explainer. Here’s an OPB story about... more


Activity rings

Of course after my last humblebrag about biking 20mi/day I’d come down with a health issue laser-targeted to keep me off the bike. I’ve barely... more


Five miles

Human beings are machines designed to walk. Before our ancestors could make art or sing or talk or make fire or use tools — indeed... more


Four things about Portland that I only notice when I travel somewhere else

Every time I travel outside Portland I notice the following things about my home, but in reverse: It is always green The streets are really... more


Imagining and building

I’m working on a project right now with a UX designer who is way better than I am. She can think through use cases really... more


All my pretty web monsters, 2013–2019

Oh golly have the last six years been busy. Here are some webby/appy/emaily things I’ve touched. This is almost certainly not a complete list. This... more


Trolling Works

Every three or four years I’ll kick a hornet’s nest by saying something like: fellow front-end devs: if you ever feel intimidated by your back-end... more


Production constraints are design constraints

3 kids × (26 classmates + 2 teachers + 4 TAs) = 96 handmade Valentine’s Day cards. Last night the kids hauled out the Big... more


Textural roads, textural cars

I drove my car downtown to work today so now I totally get why all you people are such assholes. No but seriously I have... more


Pour one out for Flickr and our naive vision for the open Internet

In anticipation of the now-upon-us FlickrPocalpyse I’m weeding out about 90% of my Flickr feed. It is hugely depressing. Because I don’t want Flickr to... more


We are past groundhog day already

Usually I try to make a resolution of sorts at the end of January. This was inspired by the world’s most rewatchable movie. So this... more