Closeup of a small black puppy looking at an object offcamera

Published 2018-08-15

We have a new puppy, Kuma. Kuma means bear in Japanese. She is a rescue. Half German shepherd, half [???], and all teeth.

Kuma loves to nibble. She loves to nip heels. She loves to teethe and wrestle. Kuma is food-motivated, unlike any of my previous dogs. She is super duper fuzzy. She’s cuddly, but on very aggressive terms. I’m the only person in the house she doesn’t torment in this manner. Because she knows I do not have time for that shit.

After our puppy Newport died, I was not enthusiastic about another puppy. I’m still kind of raw about losing our old dog Bismarck. So I was kind of already on the fence about Newport, and way off the fence back in the pasture on the subject of Kuma. I was not keen on Kuma. Loving her is going to take some effort, on my part.

Extra effort: I am (literally! not figuratively!) working two full time gigs right now so there’s not a lot of room for extra effort.