Short fiction


In my early 20s I wrote about thirty short stories. I have trouble owning up to being the guy who wrote all these crumpled little stories about drinking and pregnancy and getting dumped. (So many Carveresque non-conversations through cigarette smoke!) But that guy was me, twenty-ish years ago. Occasionally there are aliens, or ghosts, or sex. But mostly: drinking and passively-aggressively arguing.

I quit writing short stories when I started grad school. It was a thing I did when I was bored, and I haven’t been that bored since 1995, I guess. Or maybe I just process my neuroses through my blog now.

“Eliak Falls” won an award and was published in a literary journal. “Seven Eleven” is my favorite. “Strange Books” is a good one too, and was published nationally. A few other stories were published in literary magazines of regional (midwestern) interest.