Casual portrait of a young family taken just after the finish at a marathon. The man wears a baby carrier with a young infant. The woman is wearing green running gear and a marathon bib; she holds a preschool age child

Amanda Blum wrote something thoughtful about Adria Richards and PyCon

Published 2013-03-21

If you know what my headline is about and want to read something that will make you think, read this.

(If you don’t know what my headline is referring to, I envy you.)

I have thoughts on this issue — as a man, a feminist, a nerd, a parent of daughters, and a guy who avoids tech events because they are already full of dorky white dudes just like me. Political thoughts. Probably controversial thoughts.

But I’m smart enough to keep them to myself. There’s the real lesson we can draw from this episode, and others like it: “be smart and keep your thoughts to yourself.”

At least two people lost their jobs yesterday for merely saying things. This is such an awesome lesson.