Buh-Bye Lake Oswego

Published 2008-01-28

After our first week in the new house I am — and whoa, where did this come from — missing Lake Oswego?

Well, objectively, here’s what our old neighborhood had going for it:

  1. It was a great place for walking dogs.

We have Marshall Park now, which is pretty primo dog-walking territory, but our Lake O digs were literally across the street from George Rogers Park, with its open field and duck-infested Willamette river beach. Caninirvana.

But I think the feeling I have right now is not so much missing Lake Oswego as a realization about what my life might feel like in five short months. At that time I will be a father in addition to a homeowner — which are good things, yo, that’s not the point. The point is, five or ten or twenty years after that, when I think back on the carefree, minimalist, jetset lifestyle Jenny and I had five or ten twenty years previous, the last place I’ll associate with that lifestyle will be our lovely but barely usable apartment in lovely but barely usable Lake Oswego.

So I’m feeling what, pre-emptive nostalgia? This is why I have so much trouble with displays of emotion