I Can’t Believe it’s Been a Month Since I’ve...

Published 2006-09-07
  • driven a car
  • eaten a burrito
  • bought a book
  • listened to a radio
  • ridden a bicycle
  • drank a draft beer
  • seen my family
  • read a magazine
  • used a credit card
  • toasted bread
  • visited a dog park
  • comprehended a billboard
  • worn a sweatshirt
  • seen a movie

The first few days after our arrival feel like a lifetime away. We have our own apartment now, jobs that keep us busy, a gym membership, and favorite restaurants. Oregon feels like a recurring dream I had as a child...or is China the dream? I really miss the bike, the burritos, and my family. Everything else...I could take or leave.

Xiamen doesn’t smell funny any more.