Crowns of mature Oregon white oaks, shot from underneath; the crowns are not touching, despite the trees growing very close together

Covid-19 diary: Quarantine fatigue

Published 2020-05-12

Been a while since I’ve done this.

Straightforward: we are busy, and we are tired.

Less straightforward: it is obvious our federal government has not used the last two months for anything productive.

Very bendy: a noisy subset of my fellow citizens are A-OK letting tens of thousands of their fellow Americans die, for no good reason. They do this by protesting state houses with guns, because that’s how White people express bad opinions in America.

Death count as of this week probably 80,000. I’m not checking any more. The president if off the rails. I’m having trouble saying anything deep or thoughtful here. America is broken. So much of the of the world is figuring ways to deal, with the health crisis and the economic crisis. Not America.

Around here

I have been Social Distance commuting almost every day. Strava’s bizarro “fitness” metric suggests I am the fittest I have ever been, in my life. My pants also fit tighter…around the thigh (good! more quads) and around the waist (bad! more belly fat)

Orion, Iris, and I watched the Lord of the Rings (extended edition! on DVD!). We watched one disk every Saturday night, so it took us 6 weeks to watch the whole thing. Six weeks feels like one week now.

I forget what it was like to just go to a public place and sit down.

Last week was Summer Hot. I guess it’s May, so that’s not unexpected. Sunday we drove out to McMinnville to have a socially distant Mother’s Day with my mom. We met at the white oak grove next to the aviation museum, and dutifully stayed at least 6' away from my mom at all times. It was the first time seeing her in person since early March. It was weird not to hug.

The pools will be closed this summer and it is gonna be Lord of the Flies here in Sellwood with bored kids going goddamn bananas

I'll post a few photos and stories from the past few weeks, and backdate them.

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