Closeup of the heavy yellow bruise surrounding my broken collarbone


Published 2014-06-13


this happened yesterday on on sw moody by the waterfront ohsu, on my homebound commute. young fella opened his car door right into me. i was moving pretty fast i might have gone OVER the door! luckily my laptop wasn't broken. front wheel taco'd, & maybe left shifter pod fubar? his door was whanged up pretty bad

lots of witnesses but i was the one giving directions! please lock up my bike, plz move me out of the road, plz call my wife, etc. young fella drove me to the tram & i took myself to ER. tram guy let me ride free!

neighbors & karl helped w kids, luckily the girls were already in bed

5 hrs in ER for a sling & oxycodone. left clavicle, 2 breaks on outer 3rd. road rash. brain ok, spine ok, lungs ok. jenny was a tireless advocate.

slept well but soaked thru the sheets, like a fever. shock?

re learning how to type w 1 hand whee!

this throws a major kink in my 7000mi annual goal & 100 pushups (65 this wk) drat. but happy to be relatively unscathed & to have the support of all y'all