Child’s crayon drawing of a collaborative game, with many events labeled, in purple, aqua blue, and several shades of green

Griselda and Liv steal the Emerald Diamond from the Emerald Queen Mab

Published 2017-03-20

Iris has invented a game where she and I create characters who go on an adventure. We collectively invent the game we go along, sort of like Calvinball as an RPG. We have to roll dice occasionaly although this is strictly ritual. We meet various obstacles such as dragons or enchanted rainbows who (usually) give us math problems. In this one we are Griselda (me) and Liv (Iris), on an adventure in Ireland. We stole the Seeing Shamrock from a dragon and got a couple magic necklaces. We also found swords and shields. Then we defeated an entire village and stole the Emerald Diamond from the Emerald Queen Mab.