Landscape, hilltop, a small stand of trees in a cemetery. The Tualatin Valley and Chehalem Hills visible on the far horizon. Sky is cloudy but not rainy

The highest point(s) in Portland

Published 2021-02-07

I am pretty well familiar with Council Crest Park, at 1070 ft. above sea level widely reputed to be the highest point in Portland.

It isn’t.

A lot of Skyline Blvd. is above 1100 ft. My own research led to me to believe that the actual highest points, at least 1140 ft., were either in the Skyline Memorial Garden Cemetery (pictured at the top of this post), or just north across the road at a water tower off Wind Ridge Road:

Water tower off of Wind Ridge Road

Water Bureau access road leading to the water tower off Wind Ridge Road

Today I decided to ride to those spots, and for good measure took a few detours onto dead ends that were uphill from Skyline. When I got home & checked Strava I got a fun surprise:

Strava map showing the locations of the highest points in Portland, with the elevation profile for my ride

If Strava is to be believed, the area around the south end of Greenleaf Road is all above 1200 ft., specifically near this water tank:

Water tank on Greenleaf Road

This is just south of the intersection with Skyline Blvd., and it might be at least 1211 ft. above sea level. There is a house next to it that could be even higher, but that’s clearly private property. I had no idea at the time that I was above 1200 ft. or I’d have taken my own photo. Instead we’ll have to rely on Google Maps.

Addendum 2021-02-08

Well crud, how did I miss this? I rode right by a hilltop that reaches at least 1280'

Well crud, how did I miss this hill at 1280'?

…although this hilltop (Cornell Mountain, apparently) and perhaps the end of Greenleaf road (above) are not strictly speaking within the Portland city limits?