Orion riding up Riverview Cemetery

Last weekend of summer

Published 2014-09-22

Last weekend of summer, I think we did it right. Jenny ran an alpine half marathon in Central OR and placed second in her age group. Iris and Ada went to Bend with her to cheer. They apparently spent most of the weekend on bikes, Iris wanted to call and tell me about a spectacular spill she had that earned her a shocking amount of road rash. Both girls were also excited to tell me all about the bucket of frogs they collected (and released!) with Gram E on the banks of the Deschutes River.

Orion, Bismarck and I had a bachelor weekend here in PDX with no car. Orion wanted to ride his bike not the tagalong everywhere including across the river twice which if you’ve ever been to our house you can appreciate how much climbing that entails. He insisted I share on the Internet that he had his longest bike ride ever, about 13mi each way — with a soccer game/slash/birthday party in the middle. We also took a lovely hike in the woods literally out our back door; Orion brought his notebook so he could draw pictures of birds. Saturday night in proper bachelor fashion we ordered pizza and watched a movie (you’ll never guess which one…)

Everyone did a lot of swimming too.

After Orion’s epic bike ride yesterday we hopped the fence to the HOA pool (Jenny accidentally took the key with her to Bend) just at sunset. We had 20min or so of cooling off in our own private pool. Fading rays and leaves falling into the water. Only a few more days like this, fenders back on the bike…