These minimalist designs are lovely failures

Published 2010-12-23

I'm a minimalist but the art director in me says: all but two or three of these are  design failures. Don't get me wrong, they look lovely, but they fail to fulfill the products' core brand promises.

For all but the window cleaner and condoms, I prefer the middle or maximum approach. (I could be swayed for Lindt chocolates as an "elegant" brand if the designer could adequately articulate her rationale.) Most of these products are luxury items or fun stuff, and fun stuff should be ... fun. Pringles is junk food, why shouldn't their packaging reflect what is a core brand attribute, through the use of "junk" design? Deploying junk skillfully is way harder than simply removing elements for the sake of, I dunno, "elegance."

Less-is-more works for window cleaner (projects "clean" and "utilitarian") and condoms ("invisible," "won't get in the way"). For the others: FAIL.

Plus none of the maximal packages are particularly overdesigned to begin with.