Hawthorne bridge in silhouette against a dark, windy, cloudy, morning sky

My commute is so Portland it hurts

Published 2016-02-03

So my commute this morning looked like this:

Ride with my kids on our bikes

…from our tiny house in the trendy pedestrian-friendly neighborhood

…past the duck pond

…through Reed college

…to the language immersion magnet school


Down the occasionally-blocked-to-cars bikeway

Stop at the hippie co-op1 for fruit

Ride over the choked-with-bikes Hawthorne bridge past idling cars

Weave my way through the dragonboating retirees2 by the marina

Get a muffin at my favorite coffee shop3

Take an elevator to the pedestrian-only interstate overpass

(the nice one directly under the tram)

arrive at my shared workspace in the basement of the old Craft Arts museum4

…where I do webby-techy-designy things

(self-employed of course)

& I drank a lot of coffee too.


1 Why do hippie co-ops all smell exactly the same? A kind of minty, celeryish, bready smell? The co-op on Lopez Island smells like this. So did the one in Ubud, Bali. And the one in Lincoln Nebraska. AND YET FOR-PROFIT HIPPIE GROCERIES LIKE NEW SEASONS DO NOT SMELL LIKE THIS. Wha?

2 Dragon boating is the new shuffleboard maybe. I have never seen these dragonboaters on actual dragon boats. I think they just hang out at the marina with paddles and drink coffee.

3 Upstream Coffee

4 This basement has a wall of windows and a deck and a view of the river & mountain. It is on a hillside.