One way or another I will regret this

Published 2012-03-19

I just joined the Classic Climbing Challenge from Specialized on Strava. Climb 105,312 vertical feet between March 15 and April 30. I’ve already climbed 4156 feet (Yay!) which leaves me “only” 101,156'. My life being the way it is, I’ll have to do this entirely on my commute.

So, math:

Since acquiring the Gunnar I’ve logged an average of 6455'/week. There are exactly six weeks between now and April 30. That means I’ll climb 38,730' with no extra effort, which leaves me 62,426' short. In other words: I need to treble my elevation.

If I take my Fun Commute (1200') both ways I’ll get 12,000'/wk, or 72,000' altogether.

If I can scrape up an extra 30,000' (somehow) I will get a free waterbottle.