Saltzman Rd.

Published 2011-09-08

Mini Ride Report

I did this after work. Three repeats up Saltzman, it was brutal. My legs are nuked from all the sprinting lately, so different from my decades-long habit of 60–120 miles at tempo pace.

I fell twice on the FL5 descent with a little blood, no lasting damage to the bike. (Not that it matters any more with the Soma, poor thing.) I wish I could blame the poor conditions (loose dust & the wrong tires to handle it) but “tired legs” seems like a better explanation.

Where I bitch about Strava

For the life of me I can't figure out what Strava did with the elevation here. 1800ft total gain seems about right but from the profile my repeats on the exact same hill somehow had almost no descents? Buh?

Also: love the half hour @ 1.1mph when I was at Food Front, that did wonders for my avg speed. FTR I pushed "pause." Still haven't figured this one out yet. Strava knows enough to pause when I'm at stoplights (and, occasionally, if I switch over to the Maps app like a LUNATIC) but it won't pause when I click "pause"? Strava: AmIRightGuysHuh?

(File under: First World Problems)