Sticks and stones

Published 2012-07-27

Last night I realized I was wearing my heart rate monitor during yesterday’s little adventure.

Interesting to note the fight-or-flight stuff going on here. The actual accident spiked my heartrate to 160+ bpm, but as soon as both the driver and I realized everyone was OK, and that no one was gonna be a jerk about it, my heartrate actually dropped below my usual commuting rate (around 125-130 bpm). But as soon as the crazy lady starting yelling at me my heartrate shot up almost to Zone 4.

And then it stayed there. For fifteen minutes.

Turns out that words can actually hurt worse than sticks and stones.

p.s. Visited the doc this morning & got a clean bill of health. Torn rotator cuff but already on the mend. His words: “this morning would be the worst you’d feel something.”