Taroko Gorge

Published 2007-05-02

Jenny and I took the train (not, unfortunately, the High Speed Rail, although it was plenty fast) out to Taroko Gorge, Taiwan's world-famous National Park. We hired a driver/guide and spent 6 hours in the park -- about 30 hours too few, probably. Words won't do this place justice, so you'll have to wait for the pictures. Which, as I forgot to bring the camera's USB cable, you won't be able to see for like two more days.

Suffice to say: Taiwan is rilly pretty.


And here's some pictures. Like most rilly pretty places, it translates poorly to photographs. But you can get a sense of how steep and lush the entire place is. Also: this gorge, like much of eastern Taiwan, cuts through a landscape made of solid marble. So the whitish outcroppings you see in these photos are marble. The beaches around here lacked sand; they were composed of pebbles the size of, well, marbles.