Muddy jersey number from my first-ever Blind Date

The races we’re missing: Blind Date at the Dairy

Published 2020-09-30

I’m (re)writing this narrative in February 2021, after receiving the disappointing news that Alpenrose is permanently closed to recreational use. I’ll try not to color the narrative with melancholy, but it’s hard.

I can’t believe I only posted 10 results at Blind Date. It feels like I raced here 100 times. Never was my favorite race, but that’s due as much to my biorhythm as any other factor. Low blood sugar in the late afternoon. My many race reports from 2011–2013 (linked below) give a good flavor. By 2019 I was starting to figure this race out — I could achieve steady mediocrity here. Orion raced here a few times but it was tricky, scheduling-wise. On one memorable evening between his race and mine, I was hit hard by a sudden fever. (This was when I was fighting a recurring internal infection.) I (wisely) declined to race, on the way home we stopped at Laughing Planet to get dinner and I was shaking so hard from body chills he texted Jenny in a panic. (We made it safely home.)

Orion did the Junior Clinic here every year he could (2017 through 19), which kind of blends into my memory of the race even though the clinics are all in August. Ada tagged along a few times in 2018, and we explored the brambly parts of the southwest corner of the property, collecting hatfuls of blackberries and armfuls of scratches.

Date Category Result
2011-10-05 Men C 35+ 38/70
2011-10-12 Men C 35+ 17/72
2012-09-19 Men C 35+ 23/93
2012-09-26 Men C 35+ 57/122
2012-10-03 Men B 35+ DNF
2012-10-17 Men C 35+ 32/87
2012-10-24 Men C 35+ 40/61
2013-09-18 Men C 35+ 44/89
2015-09-05 Men B 35+ 26/31
2019-09-04 Men 3/4 40+ 25/60
2019-09-11 Men 3/4 40+ 25/54

Blind Date at The Dairy: Pure Racing from Drew Coleman Media Haus on Vimeo.

Blind Date (at the Dairy) from James Wilson on Vimeo.

Blind Date Cyclocross Race September 17 from kent johnston on Vimeo.

2013 Blind Date at the Dairy cyclocross race from kent johnston on Vimeo.