The trees are the right height

Published 2012-02-21

Once when flying into Nebraska (from Oregon) I was sitting behind some high school kids who were (kind of surmising here...) visiting a sibling/friend/cousin attending the University of Nebraska. As we approached Lincoln they spent a good 5-10 minutes making fun of the height of the trees. “OMG are those trees?” “They look like bushes.” “The corn is taller!”

At our new place in Tryon Forest we have two 100-foot-tall Douglas firs off our back porch and another in front of the house. These are actually not very remarkable trees for Oregon. 100-foot-tall Doug Firs are kind of Western Oregon Standard Issue Trees.

I love the trees out here — that’s why I’ve been here seventeen years — but they still routinely blow my mind. And those Oregon kids on the plane, they just could not cope at all with the wind-blasted stumpiness of Nebraska trees.

I don’t know what height the trees are in Michigan (probably bigger than Nebraska’s but smaller than Oregon’s?) ... but I kind of feel Mitt on this one.