Preschool age child riding a bicycle on a bridge over a forested canyon, low perspective, taken from behind

Why I Ride (repost)

Published 2013-09-17
This is one of my favorite blog posts
  1. It’s fun. 
  2. The first thing my wife  ever said to me was “do you know any good bike rides?”
  3. It saves money.  (My family saves $6000 a year with one less car.)
  4. Um, because it’s fun? 
  5. It’s good exercise.  (My daily commute burns 600 calories — enough to offset 2 beers and a donut.)
  6. No hassles  with parking, traffic jams, or road rage.
  7. My kids  love it.
  8. It connects me to my community, neighborhood,  and city.
  9. Duh, because it’s FUN. 
  10. Save the Earth,  blah blah, zero emissions, blah blah, carbon dioxide, blah blah blah.
  11. And did I mention the fun? 

I cannot overemphasize the fun.

If cars ran on tap water and emitted pure sweet oxygen; if I never needed exercise; if I could drive from door to door with zero traffic — I would still ride my bike to work.

Because it is fun.