Sunrise on an exceptionally clear morning looking southwest from Council Crest into the Tualatin Valley. The shadow of Council Crest, including the distinctive knob where the park is located, is visible against the landscape below

Covid-19 Diary: Fear of Contamination is the crowbar fascists will use to pry open liberals’ hearts

Published 2020-04-13

Admit it: when you saw ppl arriving at your neighbors’ for Easter brunch you wanted to call the cops

you noticed all these people at the park yesterday & thought “they should close all the parks”

maybe grocery clerks should be licensed so you could report the ones who aren’t wearing masks

this teenage couple was holding hands and you wanted to turn the hose on them

someone was standing way too close in line at the store, there should be consequences when they do that

See how easy this is, how quickly fear of contamination would turn us into snitches?

Amazingly clear air this morning. I just barely missed getting to Council Crest Park before sunrise. It’s a bit tricky to make out, but if you look closely at the photo above you can make out the shape of Council Crest’s ridgeline in the shadow falling across Tigard/Tualatin, including (just to the left of the second foreground tree from the right) the shadow of the steep northwest face of the ridge, approximately 200 yards to the right of the spot where I was standing as I took this photo.