View from Council Crest Park toward Mt. Hood, which is visible in a late spring sunrise. A lenticular cloud encircles the very top of the mountain

Covid-19 diary: Inside

Published 2020-04-15

Today was the first day of the quarantine that I spent entirely inside. It was a beautiful day and I got up early for my bike ride. I was groggy from Benadryl (terrible allergies) and sore and had an important meeting at 9 and just so much work. I didn’t go for my bike ride and I didn’t make lunches and I didn’t walk the dog and now it’s 8pm and I’m tired and I’ve been inside the house all day.

Some people I know (mostly via social media) have been almost entirely inside for going on five weeks now, and I get it. It’s a viscious cycle. After dinner I said to Jenny “look how beautiful it is outside, I haven’t been outside all day” and she very sensiblly said “well why don’t you go outside?” and I just, ugh, no. This is how people become shut-ins. Stay inside → too tired to go outside → stay inside some more.

I totally foresaw this when I decided not to ride my bike, by the way.

(The picture at the head of this post is from yesterday)

completely unrelated: As of today we’ve been living in Sellwood for five years, the longest I’ve had one address since I was 16 years old.