LED information board in the Hong Kong subway, 2007. Text on the display reads “General failure writing drive c”

Good Enough

Published 2015-05-11

New iPhone battery + hard reset = PRACTICALLY NEW iPHONE.

ca 2005 computers (laptops+desktops) became Good Enough and the only reason I buy a new one now is when something physically breaks (displays, usually, now that all the hard drives are SSD). Which is 3-4yrs on average for this hard-drivin’ computer professional who carries his laptop 100mi/wk on his back in the rain.

Anyway I think I've reached that point with phones. I could use this phone (2012 vintage iPhone 5) for another 3 yrs. It is Good Enough. Especially with cloud backups, Dropbox, etc…the phone itself is basically just a little glass window into the magickal ether where I store all my everything (Like my computer too, isn't that weird…)

In a roundabout way this reminds me of the SGI (UNIX) dumb terminals I used in grad school ca 1995, when I kept all my “real files” in my timeshare account.