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We all gotta help each other out


On my ride to work this morning, while passing through the highly sketchy intersection at SW Miles & Barbur, I noticed a car stalled —...

Kindergartner in bright orange rain gear standing next to an adult size bicycle with a tagalong bike. Misty/rainy. Taken at Council Crest Park

Turtles and Dolphins


For about three years now I’ve given the winter-weather bike commuting advice to be a dolphin, not a turtle. TL;DR: dress for warmth and ease...


My kids are so badass


It should have been pure misery on our ride to school today. 40°F and the kind of fine misty rain that penetrates every zipper and...

Middle aged man in Team Oregon skinsuit, shouldering a cyclocross bike, climbing almost as if on a ladder up a very steep runup through blackberries. Taken at Edgefield resort, Troutdale Oregon

Race Report: Pedalers at the Poor Farm


I could’ve won the race Saturday. Well not Saturday Saturday but Saturday in an alternate universe where I had about 10% better bike handling skills....


Race Report: GPRM #5, Heiser Farms


(Writing this report about two weeks too late.) Weather golden, cool windy and dry after a rain. Ground tacky, not dusty, not muddy. Fast The...

Closeup of three animal squirty bath toys and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap, on the ledge of a bathtub

Artifacts from the last seven years


Duplos Ergo carriers rear-facing car seats booties onesies diapers wooden trains sippy cups changing pads nap time lullabies toddler music class in the church basement...

Chalk outline of a dog’s body on pavement, intersected with a fog line. Gives the appearance that the fog line has run over the dog

Laziness and fear


This one is for Portland friends: With a few caveats, if you live inside ~60th & work in PDX city core, & you drive to...

Plastic toy lawnmower and a reel or “push” mower, side by side

Tools matter


Banging my head since Thursday against a UX job I’ve been working on in OmniGraffle (my go-to design tool for the last six or eight...

Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal on tall bikes, holding hands, shot from behind. Photo by @__P__J



Photo: @PJ (Twitter) I went on a memorial (and protest) ride this afternoon for Mark Angeles, a recent Reed grad and by-all-accounts Swell Guy who...

View up the Willamette River toward downtown Portland on a summer morning. To the left/west the sky is clear and sunny; to the right/east the sky is cloudy and foggy. This weather is neatly divided by the river itself

River effect


A common Portland summer weather pattern is a dense layer of low clouds (but not usually fog as in California’s marine effect) forming late in...

LED information board in the Hong Kong subway, 2007. Text on the display reads “General failure writing drive c”

Good Enough


New iPhone battery + hard reset = PRACTICALLY NEW iPHONE. ca 2005 computers (laptops+desktops) became Good Enough and the only reason I buy a new...

Highly-motioned smeared photo of sunlight shining through the leaves of a forest. In the upper center of the frame the faint outline of an owl’s wings



Over the last four years I wore a literal groove into the gravel behind the bleachers at the Lewis and Clark baseball diamond.


Recurring Characters from our school commute


Male Pedestrian Traffic Control Worker, At Sellwood Bridge Female Pedestrian Traffic Control Worker, At Sellwood Bridge Elderly Man With Strong Chinese Accent Who Once Stopped...

Scan of a Kodachrome slide, landscape, 1969. A young man in the near foreground in front of a long valley in Greece, with broken sun and weather clouds sweeping across it

My father in Baghdad


I had a dream last night in which my father appeared. Dead people often appear in my dreams, most commonly for a year or two...

Two electric drills on the couch, one is a toy

Frustration and Ignorance


Ignorance in Django: “How do I make my app do [comically simple task]?” Ignorance in Drupal: “How did I get this far in over my...