If you handed a driver a loaded gun…

Published 2015-05-29

This morning on my my commute I saw: a dude eating yogurt out of a cup with a spoon and turning the wheel with his knees. A woman turned 180° talking to someone in the backseat. ppl txting obvs OMG LOL! And lots of folks talking on the phone (hands-free, of course!)

If you handed any of these people a loaded weapon would they try to juggle it between their knees while they ate yogurt? Turn around to talk to someone as they aimed? Send a text with their left hand while they squeezed the trigger? Talk on the phone (hands-free, of course!) and try to dis/engage the safety?

Hell no, they would (rightly) focus the fuck up and drop everything else but the damn gun. And I’d argue most firearms are less dangerous than a car. A Prius, even. Just because we do it for hours a week doesn’t magically make it safe.

Nobody reckons fully the potential to instantaneously destroy a lot of lives when they turn the ignition key. We — you, me, the gubmint, all of us — treat this car stuff WAY too lightly.