action shot, low perspective, of a middle-aged man in bicycle racing gear on a cyclocross bicycle, at the top of a wooden “flyover” bridge next to a muddy cornfield

The Litany Against Fear

Published 2020-09-22

This is the Men’s Masters 35+ Category 3 and Men’s Masters 50+ cyclocross race. This is a timed 45-minute race. Lap times will be determined by the leader, when the leader has one lap to go you will hear a bell at the finish line. You may not hear this bell if you are too far behind the leader. When you see the checkered flag, congratulations your race is over.

You must move in course direction at all times. You must stay between cones and tape at all times. Yellow cones will be on your left, red cones on your right. You and your bike must go over all barriers. If you leave the course you must re-enter the course where you left it.

There is a one-direction pit. You must enter and exit the pit moving course direction. You can receive external support only in the pit. If you have a mechanical, you must take your bike to the pit on the course, moving course direction. There are no handups or support outside the pit. There is no neutral support. If you have equipment in the pit, please retrieve it after your last race today.

The second lap will not return through this start chute. The barrier behind you will direct you to the right through the parking lot and back onto the course ahead.

We will start the 35+ Masters 3 first, with a one minute gap between fields. Please roll up to the flags ahead.

Category 3 Masters 35+, thirty seconds to start.

On my whistle…

GPCM NINKROSSI 2017 from Kevin Dickson on Vimeo.