A crowd of children on bicycles, in racing gear, all facing away from the camera, staging for a race. Three kids are the focus of this shot in center frame, in conversation

No cyclocross

Published 2020-08-13

This is really trivial in the scale of things right now but I am really bummed we won’t be racing cyclocross this fall. Since 2011, every weekend from Labor Day to Thanksgiving has been cyclocross-centric. I was kind of leaning out of racing in 2015 and 2016, but in 2017 Orion was old enough to race Juniors, and he pulled me back into the sport. Iris started racing Juniors last year, and Ada was usually along for kiddie kross (this year she could have raced Juniors too).

The ’cross racing ritual was sort of becoming our version of father/kid fishing trips: loading the car, driving to the venue, registering, racing, waffles & french fries, waiting for results, the long tired drive home, cleaning bikes & packing up for the week.

I miss this already.

Grand Prix Carl Decker - David Douglas from Kevin Dickson on Vimeo.