Race Report: Blind Date at the Dairy #6, 10/24/2012

Published 2012-10-26

Excluding races where I had a medical, a mechanical or just plain DNF, this was my worst race ever. 40 of 61. It was pouring rain, 42°F, and the lights kept cutting out. I had tired legs, rode the wrong bike with the wrong tires, and forgot my HRM. It was the most fun I’ve had so far this season.

With no gears and lousy tires, I spun out more than I sat upright. And I ran even more than that. Despite ultra tired legs I had a lot of condition left for running (NTS: if you’re tired: run). It was slippery and mucky and dangerous, and reminded me that ’Cross doesn’t have to be all about points. As I said to Thom & Matt before the race: “tonight I’m racing to make the post-race beer taste better.”

It tasted fucking awesome.