We all gotta help each other out

Published 2015-12-28

On my ride to work this morning, while passing through the highly sketchy intersection at SW Miles & Barbur, I noticed a car stalled — creeping, rather — through the intersection. She was stuck SB just under the stoplight on the complex little frontage at 3rd avenue. Anyone who knows this intersection knows how precarious this is. She had her car’s backside to a full lane of traffic moving 45mph around a blind corner. Two people have died at this curve in the last 3 years.

Car after fancy car (I noted three lexuses in succession as if on parade) flew past her, apparently unaware or unconcerned with her situation.

I parked my bike and ran up to her car. “Let me push you back onto that frontage.” My only concern was getting her OFF Barbur and out of that crazy intersection. Unfortunately I didn't direct her very well — I think she thought I was aiming for 3rd which was uphill and Not.Gonna.Happen. She continued giving her car gas and it poked into the frontage, blocking 3rd AND the frontage and still managing to stick into the main travel lane on Barbur.

Luckily just at that moment a contractor's truck (Glacier Contracting) stopped on 3rd. A strapping young fella hopped out and immediately grokked my intention. Not only was he twice as strong as me, he also gave the better directions to the driver. We managed to shove her car onto the sidewalk in the tiny triangle between Barbur & the frontage.

I asked her: “do you have phone? Do you have someone to call?”

She said: “My transmission is shot. I was literally on my way to buy trans fluid at Fred Meyer [about a half mile up the road].”

Glacier said: “You’re going to Fred’s? Well hop on in.”

I cop to being a little relieved that I wasn't commiting myself to riding up to Ace (closer than Fred’s) and buying transmission fluid.

We all shook hands. I thanked Glacier for stopping — I never could have gotten that car off the highway myself. He said “We all gotta help each other out” and I said “We’re all in this together.”