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Shot underwater toward the surface with a snorkeler just overhead. Bubbles.

Cannot Stop


The travel guide didn’t mention the current. It said something about seasonally strong swells, that was all. But if you had known about the current,...

Closeup of a friendly border collie, smiling

About a Year Ago


on a cool dry weekend afternoon about a year ago i took the dog to the school near the house i used to share with...

Selfie with a four-day beard in front of Paulina Lake

In Six Years


in six years i wrote a master's thesis visited canada moved to montana changed careers fell in love with a dog started telling stories like...

Touring bicycle and all its associated gear. Packs, sleeping bag, tent, tools, clothes, helmet, etc. Spread out on the floor in a tiny apartment

Gear list


Last week I rode my bike from Clatsop Spit (northwest of Astoria, Oregon) to the California state line south of Brookings. I rode my bike...

Selfie, white man with bikey sunglasses, on a windy beach facing west. Sea stacks a few miles offshore.

Day 6: Solitude


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 6 May 4, 2002 Sunset Bay State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park 61.95 miles 4:30 saddle time 13.6 mph...

Small rocky cove on the Pacific coast, with fir trees on either side

Day 5: Typical


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 5 May 3, 2002 Florence to Sunset Bay State Park 62.59 miles 4:30 saddle time 13.9 mph avg. speed. Weather:...

Landscape and casual portrait of a 30-year old man in wet bike gear standing at a roadside pullout on a seaside cliff with the ocean and two headlands in the background. The farthest headland is Heceta Head, with a lighthouse

Day 4: Education


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 4 May 2, 2002 Newport to Florence 51.35 miles 4:07 saddle time 12.4 mph avg. speed. Weather: cloudy, no wind,...

Loaded touring bicycle leaning against a low stone wall at a wayside viewpoint above a broad beach on the Pacific. Air is gray and damp.

Day 3: Obscurae


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 3 May 1, 2002 Pacific City to Newport 59.07 miles 4:30 saddle time 13.1 mph avg. speed. Early: gray, about...

Picnic table next to a small parking lot at a coastal wayside area. A bicycle is upsidedown on its handlebars next to the table. All the touring gear is spread across the table; one wheel is off the bike, and the tire is off the wheel.

Day 2: Humility


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 2 April 30, 2002 Oswald West State Park to Pacific City 58.62 miles 4:20 saddle time 13.5 mph avg. speed....

Casual portrait, outdoors, of a young man with a touring bicycle next to a sign that reads “South Jetty — Mouth of the Columbia River — constructed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District”

Day 1: Hubris


Oregon Coast Bike Ride, Day 1 April 29, 2002 Clatsop Spit to Oswald West State Park 39.02 miles 2:35 saddle time 15.0 mph avg. speed....


This is My Cathedral


The squall of March rain arrives like an announcement, travelling a patient course, propelled by 8000 miles of Pacific Ocean. I hear it crawling eastward...

Punk Rock saved my life


punk rock music saved my life on saturday night after seven days of being pimply, invisible secretly knowing old people at the mall wished i...



Kelp grows in clumps, in groves like trees. Among and between the twenty-foot-long strands dart otters, bright-eyed and quick-pawed, hunting out squid or crabs or...


Restless Inquisitive Child


The setting: a living room, a suburban ranch house, a small town; early summer vacation; a rainy day. The child -- perhaps age 7 or...

The Best TV Set I Ever Owned


I inherited the best television set I've ever owned from my maternal grandmother. It was a portable, vintage ca. 1973, with a built-in radio. At...

Illustration of a snail



I wanted an early start out of Austin. I figured in a full day of driving I could hit the border. That would be one less night in Texas.