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Historic photo taken on the moon of Buzz aldrin in a space suit

My Summer of ’69


Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” was playing at the coffee shop this morning. In my memory that song feels like “Summer of ’85,” which was...


In support of HB 2001


In 10min I wrote some testimony in favor of Oregon house bill 2001. Portland for Everyone has a quick explainer. Here’s an OPB story about...

Composite screenshots of 3 activity rings from an Apple Watch. The first is labelled “extra bike” and all 3 rings are closed. The 2nd is labeled “lite bike” and the blue and green rings are closed, red ring is about 2/3 closed. Last is labeled “no bike,” only the blue ring is closed, green ring about 1/2 closed, red ring about 1/3 closed

Activity rings


Of course after my last humblebrag about biking 20mi/day I’d come down with a health issue laser-targeted to keep me off the bike. I’ve barely...

Closeup of a lego contraption

Imagining and building


There always comes a point where I can’t finish “designing” something in my head. I have to start building it to find the edges.

Preschooler on a rickety suspension bridge over a foresty gully, summer, walking away from the camera

Trolling Works


Every three or four years I’ll kick a hornet’s nest by saying something like: fellow front-end devs: if you ever feel intimidated by your back-end...

Broad two-track trail in a hillside forest with a light, wet snow

Textural roads, textural cars


I drove my car downtown to work today so now I totally get why all you people are such assholes. No but seriously I have...

Party lights and palm trees in the snow

We are past groundhog day already


Usually I try to make a resolution of sorts at the end of January. This was inspired by the world’s most rewatchable movie. So this...